3.2 Jewelcrafting Nerf

Well, that’s annoying.

For those who haven’t seen it yet, in the next major content patch (meaning patch 3.2), Dragon’s Eyes will no longer be prismatic gems. This means that Jewelcrafters (like myself) won’t be able to cheese socket bonuses by, say, putting a +27 Str gem in a blue slot, and will also have to watch meta gems again.

I’m well aware that Jewelcrafting was overpowered, and I agree that something needed to be changed. I’m just sad to see that aspect of the profession go. It’s fun figuring out what slots to put my Dragon’s Eyes in to grab an extra socket bonus. It’s nice not having to worry about meta gem requirements. That, to me at least, is a cooler “perk” for being a Jewelcrafter than just “some of your gems are better.” I’d much prefer they balance the profession by just lowering the stats on the gems themselves.

This also makes me wonder if epic gems are coming in 3.2… which would make the nerf entirely unnecessary.

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